About DPP


Previous conferences have been held every third year, in France, Denmark, Poland, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Spain, USA and Poland and in 2018 in Australia. This symposium is currently considered the most important global scientific event in the fields of pig nutrition and gut physiology, covering endocrinology, immunology, microbiology and health, as well as the use of the pig as a model for human digestive physiology.

Future pig production faces major challenges, related to availability of resources, climatic impact and human and animal health. We are strongly committed to bring together at DPP2022, science and industry in formal sessions and informal networks to learn from latest scientific developments, discuss their potential contribution to a sustainable future and promote academia-industry partnerships.


Local Organizing Committee
Dr Alfons Jansman – Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Dr Paul Bikker – Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Prof. Dr Walter Gerrits – Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Dr Sonja de Vries – Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

International Steering Committee
Prof. Knud E. Bach Knudsen – Aarhus University, Denmark
Dr Diego Braña – Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales Agrícolas y Pecuarias, Mexico
Dr Thomas Burkey – University of Nebraska, US
Dr J. Freire – Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Portugal
Dr Alfons Jansman – Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Prof. Andrew van Kessel – University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Prof. Yoo Yong Kim – Seoul National University, South Korea
Dr Pascal Leterme – BASF, Spain
Prof. Jan E. Lindberg – Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Sweden
Prof. Merlin D. Lindemann – University of Kentucky, USA
Dr Charles H. Malbert – INRA Rennes, France
Prof. Joris Michiels – Ghent University, Belgium
Prof. John O’Doherty – University College Dublin, Ireland
Prof. Andrea Piva – University of Bologna, Italy
Prof. John Pluske – Murdoch University, Australia
Dr David Torrallaradona – IRTA, Spain
Prof. Romuald Zabielski – Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland
Prof. Jurgen Zentek – FUB, Berlin, Germany


Academic and industry researchers, university staff and students, nutritionists, and managers involved in technical sales, pig production and feed formulation from all over the world. We specifically encourage participation from areas in the world developing in this field of research.